Sample availability

Are you seeking SARS-CoV-2 samples for a research project? Check here for details of which types of sample are available at German biobanks and information on European resources.

Sample Locator

The GBA “Sample Locator” enables medical researchers to search a large pool of biosamples for relevant ones from a central location. The online tool also lists SARS-CoV-2 biosamples in several GBA biobanks. For a corresponding search, the ICD code U07.1 must be entered into the search mask.




The European biobank organisation BBMRI-ERIC has published a new version of its directory, which now has a Covid-19 filter. This enables researchers to find out in which European biobanks SARS-CoV-2 samples are available and to request these via the linked negotiator tool.

The entry of new information has been made much easier for biobanks: if they are already listed in the directory, participation in an online survey is sufficient to supplement information on existing Covid-19-relevant resources.

The BBMRI-ERIC Directory is a centralised list of European biobanks and their collections. It enables scientists to find suitable biosamples and data for research projects. At the same time, it helps to increase the visibility of the registered biobanks. The BBMRI-ERIC Directory was established by the Common Service IT in cooperation with the National Nodes, including the German Biobank Node (GBN). For biobanks that are not yet listed in the directory, GBN provides step-by-step instructions for registration.



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