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Research group leader (Biobank Group) - Medical University of Gdansk in Poland


Project description:

The 3P-Medicine Laboratory (personalized, preventive, precision) is a new science center specializing in research on acquired genetic mutations as risk factors for cancer and other diseases.
In the initial years of operation of the centre, researchers will primarily examine the role of post zygotic mutations (PZMs) in the development of breast cancer in women, prostate cancer in men, cancer of the colon and the bladder in both sexes, as well as Alzheimer’s. A part of the project will be devoted to analyses loss of the Y chromosome in aging men, in connection with multiple outcomes. The research will aim at identification of the specific PZMs that are most relevant for susceptibility to these diseases. This will require collection of thousands of clinical samples especially for this purpose from patients at various stages of disease. The samples will be collected from blood and skin, and from malignant tumours, lymph nodes, distant metastases, and tissues unaffected by a nearby primary tumour.

Key responsibilities include:

  1. Development and implementation of standard operating procedures for the preparation, storage and processing of biological material;
  2. Compliance with European quality standards for biobanking of biological material;
  3. Cell culture of tumor cells as well as healthy tissues (epithelial cells, fibroblasts);
  4. Next generation sequencing on Illumina
  5. Assign tasks to team members and create the research schedule;
  6. Support and scientific assistance for the entire research team;
  7. Development of research results for purposes of scientific publications;
  8. Development of own research program within the framework of the 3P medicine center.

Profile of candidates/requirements:

  1. PhD degree (minimum); relevant disciplines are molecular biology, genetics, biology, biotechnology or clinical sciences;
  2. Experience in implementing and maintaining standards in biobanking of biological material (documented with certificates, permissions, decisions);
  3. Documented work experience in biobanking or similar scientific activity;
  4. Experience in developing procedures for biobanking of biological material;
  5. Experience in the preparation of material for genetic analysis of single cells or using tissues prepared with laser microdissection (preferred);
  6. Experience in next generation sequencing (preferred)
  7. Demonstrated leadership ability in training and supervising a team of scientists.

Application deadline:

April 15, 2019

See PDF for more information


Tel. +49. 30. 450 536 347

Fax +49. 30. 450 753 69 38

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