Using biobanks for research

Biobanks enable access to a large pool of high-quality human samples and associated data. They are reliable hubs for the storage and processing of samples from clinical trials and other sources. As such, they establish important conditions for achieving reproducible research results.

German Biobank Alliance

In 2017, biobanks at eleven German university hospitals and two IT development centres joined forces under the umbrella of the German Biobank Node (GBN) to form the German Biobank Alliance (GBA), more biobanks followed from 2019 to 2021. Since 2022, biobanks at 36 locations and one IT development centre have been working together within the GBA. The GBA biobanks establish uniform quality standards and make their human samples available for biomedical research throughout Europe via a central search portal, the Sample Locator. In 2017, 982 medical research projects were provided with samples by GBA biobanks.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) provides funding for the work of GBN, which is supported by the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg (DKFZ) for IT as well as by the BioMaterialBank Heidelberg (BMBH) and the Integrated Biobank Jena (IBBJ) for quality management.


See here for more information on the biobanks.



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