Using biobanks for research

Biobanks enable access to a large pool of high-quality human samples and associated data. They are reliable hubs for the storage and processing of samples from clinical trials and other sources. As such, they establish important conditions for achieving reproducible research results.

Advantages of using biobanks

Biobanks store samples in freezer units at -80 degrees Celsius or approximately -165 degrees Celsius in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen. They are monitored around the clock. If a cooling unit fails, a business continuity plan is immediately implemented.

Biobank and quality management experts, IT specialists and specially trained technical staff ensure that the samples are processed, stored and issued in the highest possible quality. Incoming samples are automatically registered, encrypted and then usually processed by robots. Robots also ensure the automated storage and retrieval of samples from the cold stores.

The high level of professionalism of centralised biobanks makes them competent, reliable advice and service facilities for doctors and researchers alike.

What are the advantages to obtaining samples from centralised biobanks?

  • access to a large pool of samples and associated data
  • high quality of samples and data through adherence to the highest quality standards (ISO/DIN) throughout the entire work process
  • support during ongoing sample acquisition

What are the advantages of storing samples in a centralised biobank?

  • long-term sample safety
  • clear documentation in special biobank software
  • linking of biobank data with clinical information
  • ‘on-demand’ storage and retrieval of samples
  • further provision only with the sample owner’s consent

What other advantages do centralised biobanks offer?

  • competent advice e.g. on study design
  • high service orientation
  • additional sample processing services, where applicable


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