Using biobanks for research

Biobanks enable access to a large pool of high-quality human samples and associated data. They are reliable hubs for the storage and processing of samples from clinical trials and other sources. As such, they establish important conditions for achieving reproducible research results.


The time when human samples were collected “at random” is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. Today, most university hospitals have centralised biobanks (“core facilities”) in which all collections are stored. This includes everything from routine clinical procedures and research to clinical trials. These biobanks are state-of-the-art, in part robot-controlled cold stores that are linked to powerful databases. The samples stored there are monitored around the clock.

The German Biobank Alliance (GBA) was established to ensure the availability of samples and associated data on both the national and international levels. Enabling biomedical research across all clinics and countries. Biobanks belonging to GBA use standardised processes to ensure the consistently high quality of their sample collections, which they make available via the Sample Locator. Learn more about the central search portal in the film below!


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