“Biobanking Challenge”: GBN publishes educational game

With “Biobanking Challenge”, the German Biobank Node (GBN) has published a board game for players from the age of ten that provides an entertaining insight into the work of biobanks and their relevance for research. The concept was developed by the working group “Education and Training” of the GBN and the German Biobank Alliance (GBA). “Biobanking Challenge” is played by two to five players and takes about 20 minutes, depending on the chosen level of difficulty. It is particularly suitable as an innovative element of university education, for events such as the Long Night of Science, open days in biobanks or for teaching in schools.

When playing “Biobanking Challenge”, participants take on the role of researchers conducting a scientific project that requires biospecimens and associated data. They familiarise themselves with the tasks of the biobank and collect the necessary resources on the playing field. A good memory, understanding of the biobank processes and team spirit are needed to achieve the common goal – the publication of the research results.

“With the game Biobanking Challenge, we want to give interested people a special introduction to the topic by turning complex knowledge into an entertaining experience,” says PD Dr. Sara Y. Nußbeck, head of the Central Biobank at the University Medical Centre Göttingen (UMG) and member of the working group. “We have already tested the game with students and received great feedback,” adds Dr. Ronny Baber, head of the Leipzig Medical Biobank (LMB) and also a member of the working group. “I believe that what is learned is even better remembered in this playful form.”

“Biobanking Challenge is an excellent addition to our continuing education programme,” says GBN Managing Director Dr. Cornelia Specht. GBN's comprehensive programme ranges from workshops and webinars to on-site training and e-learning. The latter is also aimed at students: For example, the online course “Biobanking – Basics for Theory and Practice”, which GBN originally developed for biobank staff, is offered as part of a cooperation with the Master's programme “Biomedical Data Science” at the Hanover Medical School (MHH).

The board game “Biobanking Challenge” is an adaptation of the game “The Mysterious Forest”, based on an idea by Carlo A. Rossi and published by IELLO in 2016. “Biobanking Challenge” is available at manufacturing price and can be delivered within Germany, to Austria and to Liechtenstein. Please contact the GBN office (germanbiobanknode@remove-this.charite.de) by email if you are interested.



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