E-learning: Module "DNA Isolation" on OpenILIAS

What is DNA? What isolation methods exist and how do they work? The German Biobank Node (GBN) has expanded its e-learning offer on the OpenILIAS platform with a module on DNA isolation that provides a comprehensive overview of the purpose and process. The online course is specifically aimed at biobank technicians interested in the theoretical background of DNA isolations and the use of DNA. For technicians who want to participate in an on-site training on DNA isolation offered by GBN, successful completion of the module is a prerequisite. The online course is in German.

Participation in the course is open to all biobank staff of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA). Users can begin the course at any time and complete the module at their own pace. After passing the final exam, GBN awards a certificate.

The course comprises five chapters with the following topics:

  1. What is DNA?
  2. Why do we isolate DNA and how do we examine it?
  3. Procedure of a DNA isolation
  4. Quality and quantity of DNA
  5. Storage of DNA

The course material is presented using texts, graphics and videos. Course participants can check their learning success with self-study questions at the end of each chapter. The time required is approximately three hours, plus about 20 minutes for the final exam.


GBN project manager Dr. Johanna Schiller presented GBN's e-learning offer on OpenILIAS and how the platform works in a webinar on 7 December – its recording is available to GBA biobank staff.

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