Stakeholder engagement

Biobanks need the commitment and involvement of diverse stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder engagement is a critical factor for the success of a biobank. Biobanks must mediate between the interests of scientists, doctors, sponsors, sample donors and the public and consider all viewpoints when making strategic decisions.

Biobanks are confronted with the challenge of having to integrate the viewpoints and interests of many different stakeholders if they are to remain successful in the long run. From sample donors who possibly should provide a “Broad Consent” to the use of their sample for research purposes, to doctors collecting samples in clinical routine procedures, as well as politicians, financial sponsors, hospital management or the general public. Suitable engagement strategies are needed for each target group – therein GBN gives assistance to the biobanks.

The aim of stakeholder engagement is to:

  • develop strategies and concepts aimed at involving doctors and scientists, the biobank community, patients and test persons as well as the industry,
  • support biobanks in the engagement with stakeholders,
  • increase the awareness about biobanking among the general public.


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