Biobanks need a network-IT infrastructure to exchange data efficiently.

This allows to assort large multicentric collections of samples for research purposes.

A main goal of the German Biobank Node is the efficient exchange of biospecimens in order to collocate large, multicentric sample collections for research purposes.

The value of a biosample collection for science increases with the availability of substantial, quality-assured and comparable data. Therefore, GBN is constructing a national IT network as part of the German Biobank Alliance, which links the biobanks both within the consortium as well as with international biobank infrastructures such as BBMRI-ERIC.


The aim of this work package is to:

  • establish the technical prerequisites for a consistent search, application and joint use of biospecimens throughout Germany,
  • acquire and harmonise data on the biospecimens themself as well as on the associated clinical data and
  • publish useful open-source software for joint medical research in cooperation with partner initiatives (DZG, NAKO, MII).


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