Networked IT infrastructure for multicentre sample collections.

GBN’s IT network links biobanks and facilitates the search for human biosamples and associated data across multiple locations.

A biosample collection’s value to science increases with the availability of comprehensive, quality-assured and comparable data. Hence GBN and the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) have established an IT network that connects biobanks both within the consortium as well as with international biobank infrastructures such as BBMRI-ERIC.

The IT infrastructure forms the technical basis for the Sample Locator search tool that allows researchers to search for biosamples and associated data across all biobanks. Together with the German Biobank Directory (a central directory of German biobanks), the Sample Locator helps biobanks to boost their visibility and provides decisive support during biomedical research.

IT activities and offers:

  • Sample Locator search tool to locate biosamples and associated data across multiple biobanks
  • German Biobank Directory: central register of German biobanks
  • Close cooperation within other national research initiatives as well as with BBMRI-ERIC on the European level
  • Development of a patient portal in collaboration with the Medical Informatics Initiative (MII)


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