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Organisational structure

The Executive Board, the Steering Committee and the Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board support the successful operation of the research infrastructure.

Executive Board

Since 1 February 2024, the German Biobank Node (GBN) has been headed by a three-member Executive Board: PD Dr Sara Nußbeck is the spokesperson and National Node Director - she is the GBN representative to the European biobank network BBMRI-ERIC. Dr Gabriele Anton and PD Dr Dr Michael Kiehntopf are the other board members and deputies of Nußbeck. Nußbeck, Anton and Kiehntopf were elected by the Steering Committee in January 2024; their term of office is two years. Previously, Prof Dr Michael Hummel had headed the GBN since its foundation.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee (SC) supports the Executive Board and GBN in the implementation of the work programme and ensures that the biobanks of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) work together effectively. The committee decides on  GBA matters and shapes the strategic direction. Until 2020, the SC consisted of the heads of all partner biobanks of the GBA and the IT development centres as well as Prof. Dr Michael Hummel for GBN. The rapidly growing number of biobank partners since 2019 (and -Observer since 2021) made it necessary to reduce the size of the committee. Since 2020, a new 12-member SC has been elected every two years. 

In the 2024-2025 term of office, the steering committee is consisting of the following members Dr Heidi Altmann, Dr Gabriele Anton, Dr Ronny Baber, Dr Daniel Brucker, Prof Dr Thomas Illig, Prof Dr Roland Jahns, PD Dr Dr Michael Kiehntopf, Dr Romy Kirsten, Prof Dr Martin Lablans, Prof Dr Alexandra Nieters, PD Dr Sara Nußbeck and Dr Alexandra Stege. In addition to the 12 elected members of the SC, Prof Dr Michael Hummel attends the SC meetings as a permanent guest in an advisory role.

Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board

The Scientific and Ethical Advisory Board (SEAB) has an advisory role in accompanying the activities of GBN and GBA while supporting the Steering Committee in strategic issues for the implementation of the work programme. The SEAB is an independent committee comprising leading international scientists and experts who act independently of their organisational affiliation.

The Scientific Advisory Board is composed of the following representatives: Dominic Allen, Christopher Baum, Fay Betsou, Johann Eder, Jens Habermann, Stefanie Houwaart, Kristian Hveem, Morris Swertz and Jochen Taupitz.



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