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Hospital-integrated clinical biobank (liquid samples, tissue, cells)

About us

The Central Biobank UMG (University Medical Center Göttingen) supports medical research by providing high quality samples and data to contribute to the development of better options for diagnostics and therapy.

Central Biobank UMG is very closely linked to the processes of care. For example, all liquid samples are bundled, aliquoted and frozen on the fully automated laboratory line of the central laboratory (UMG Laboratory) before reaching the biobank. The same applies to the data flow concerning the samples. There are interfaces in place between the laboratory information system, the pathology system and the fully automated storage robot in the biobank.

Central Biobank UMG primarily focuses on projects from UMG's three core research areas: Cardiology, Neuroscience and Oncology. In addition, relevant samples for projects will be collected in the years ahead according to a defined collection strategy.

Within the framework of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) Central Biobank UMG focusses particularly on data management (UMG Biobank is part of the IT-Core-Teams), the work package „Education and Training“ (WP 6) and quality management.



Hospital-integrated clinical biobank (liquid samples, tissue, cells)

Accreditation and/or certification

Processes for liquid material through the UMG Laboratory with accreditation according to ISO 17025:2018 and 15189:2014, and for tissue through the Institute for Pathology and the Institute for Neuropathology accredited according to ISO 17020:2012.

Participation in GBN activities in quality management

Round robin tests

Tissue RNA: 2019, 2020, 2022 Liquid DNA: 2018, 2020, 2023

Friendly audits

2019, 2020, 2022

Key figures


available liquid samples


available solid / tissue samples


dispensed samples in 2021


sample and data requests in 2021

Status: 30.09.2021

Funding bodies and partners


Universitätsmedizin Göttingen

Central Biobank UMG

Robert-Koch-Str. 40

37075 Göttingen

PD Dr. Sara Y. Nußbeck

Central Biobank UMG





Tel. +49. 30. 450 536 347

Fax +49. 30. 450 753 69 38

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