GBN publishes explanatory film for patients

What is a biobank? What is a sample donation? And why should patients agree to such a donation, for example after surgery? In order to inform patients about biobanking and to motivate them to provide biospecimens for medical research, the German Biobank Node (GBN) has published an explanatory film on its website for sample donors. The animated film explains the entire process of biobanking in a comprehensible way, starting with the patient giving consent in the hospital, through sample collection to storage of the samples in the biobank and their subsequent use for research. In this way, it allows interesting insights into the work of a biobank behind the scenes.

The film was made in cooperation with Biobank Graz, whose original production GBN adapted. "This collaboration with Biobank Graz is an example of how valuable our exchange is at the European level via BBMRI-ERIC. We can support each other and share our knowledge and developments," says GBN Managing Director Dr. Cornelia Specht.

GBN offers its film to all biobanks of the German Biobank Alliance (GBA) for use, for example on their own websites and on hospital TV. The film is a valuable addition to GBN's existing information campaign, which uses posters and flyers in numerous clinics of the GBA locations as well as the website to give patients and healthy sample donors an understanding of the work and importance of biobanks.


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