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Integrated Research Biobank of Greifswald University Medical Centre

Epidemiological studies, population-based studies, liquid biobanking

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The Integrated Research Biobank (IRB) at the Institute for Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (IKCL) is the central biobank resource of Greifswald University Medical Centre for conducting population-based, epidemiological cohort studies and transferring corresponding research hypotheses and results to the fields of individualised medicine and preventive medicine.

In addition, IRB Greifswald’s expertise supports the professionalisation and harmonisation of biobank processes in the German Centre for Cardiovascular Research (scientific infrastructure management) and the National Cohort (spokesperson of the Working Group Biosamples and member of the Epidemiological Planning Committee).

Furthermore, process-oriented quality management plays an important role in mapping laboratory and biobank processes. Based on their experience, IRB makes a vital contribution to the German Biobank Alliance in this area. The proximity of IRB to IKCL's core laboratory is a unique feature. Amongst other things, this close link enables analytical services in the context of scientific questions relating to the stored samples.


Epidemiological studies, population-based studies, liquid biobanking

Accreditation and/or certification

The entire IKCL is EFQM certified, and partial areas of the IKCL are accredited according to ISO 17189 (neonatal screening).

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Universitätsmedizin Greifswald

Integrated Research Biobank (IRB)


17475 Greifswald

Dr. rer. nat. Theresa Winter

Head of IRB



Tel. +49. 30. 450 536 347

Fax +49. 30. 450 753 69 38

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